Cam is a captian in Cammin who is accompanied by Des and after the game, Derpy.


The year is 2012. The date is June 1st. A person named "Camwoodstock" and his angel girlfriend, "Des" are walking around. Suddenly, Des gets a message from Hocotate that some "derped pegasus" who is "Derpy" is missing in a strange place! Des heads over to hocotate with her boyfriend, Camwoodstock. They then meet captain olimar and the president, who had just left the pikmin planet (In pikmin 2). Olimar reported glimpses of a stupid-looking derp eyed pegasus. They found a feather near base when they left that Camwoodstock knew was derpy's. At once, the ship suggested Camwoodstock and Des go to the planet at once, not just to go to derpy's aid, but to also find remaining treasures!

In the plot, cam is referred to as "Camwoodstock".


The camlopedia is what replaces the piklopedia.

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